The New Build House Story

Our clients wanted a new house built in a village location to their Architects drawings and specifications.

Once the site had planning permission and the plans had been drawn up, we first had to make access suitable for our heavy machinery and lorries which would be needed on site, then we needed to clear the site.

Trenches were dug for the foundations, these were then filled with concrete and allowed to go off and set hard.

After this the first layer of bricks and blocks could be laid. Damp course added and the brickwork built up to the necessary height.

Once the brickwork was complete the first floor could be laid and then concreted to ensure a solid base upon which to continue building.

Layer upon layer of brickwork and blockwork were added to build up the first floor walls and internal walls. New windows were painted.

Then the windows were fitted as the first floor brick and block work was raised around them. With big metal lintels added over the top of the windows and doorways.

The fancy stone work could be added in-between the brickwork gaps to ensure the house had a pleasing appearance when completed.

The block work continued creating the second floor of the house, a new second floor was laid and the upstairs windows added.

The fancy stonework was added to the upstairs brickwork and the roof of the single floor garage added.

With the second floor now complete it was time to put the roof trusses in place so that we could build the roof.

The stunning chimney was the next job to be completed before the roof could be felted and tiling battens put in place.

The tiles then could be laid and the upstairs baloney window finished off and rendered. Lastly a new front door was all that was needed to be fitted to finish off this new build house.

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