The Bungalow Extension Story

Our client's existing bungalow was no longer large enough so we were asked to knock down a previous extension and build a much larger one.

First the site had to be cleared and got ready so that work could begin on the new extension. A caravan was parked up on site to aid the clearance of the rooms of the old extension.

Once the rooms had been cleared then the old extension was dismantled and some parts removed with care for possible future use.

Scaffolding was put up to help us dismantle the roof of the old extension, leaving the rest of the roof intact, just in case the weather turned wet.

The walls were knocked down with heavy machinery and the site cleared in readiness for the new extension to be built.

With the site now cleared, work could start on the new extension. The ground levelled and markers for the new extension put in place.

Then the groundworks could begin with the foundations beginning dug for the new extension. Drainage and necessary piping was added to the trenches.

Additional hard core and steel metal work was delivered for the trenches.

All necessary piping, and cabling was added to the trenches and the reinforced steel to ensure the foundations would be nice and strong.

Concrete was poured into the trenches and allowed to go off and become rock hard before the brick and block work could be started.

The new ground floor was built up using all the necessary brick, block and steel materials.

Once the ground floor was complete the new structural walls could be built with inner block work and outer brick work with insulation packed between.

Once the walls were up to roof height the new roofing trusses were hoisted into position and fixed into place.

It didn't take long for the new roof to be on and the felt work and tile battens could be put in place.

The remaining bungalow roof was removed and the new roof was joined to the existing roof before tiling began.

Luckily good weather helped us tile the whole new roof on the bungalow and it wasn't long before we didn't need the scaffolding any more.

With the new extension now weather proof the new walls could be prepared for painting, new windows and doors could be sealed into place.

With the interior works now almost finished, the outside needed tidying up, the ground made good for a new driveway and new fencing put up to complete the job.

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